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We have an excellent network of internationally renowned key opinion leaders at hand. We use this pool of knowledge to enhance cancer therapy. Starting from treatment optimization via drug development up to faster drug availability for the patient – we regard cancer therapy in its entirety.

Fighting cancer needs genius and expertise – but prior to all it needs cooperation.

Ahmet Sami Pekkip – Chief Executive Officer

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Prof Dr Christian Manegold, Ahmet Pekkip and their team about company objectives, fast-track development of active substances and the longterm strategy of PEKKIP Oncology Alliance AG in Europe, Asia and America.


The shortest way to your success.

Professional consultation in the field of in-licensing and out-licensing.


What we offer:

Screening of clinical development candidates and identification of promising active substances / development platforms

Initial contact to potential partners in Europe, USA and/or China

Accompanying the development up to defined milestones

Observation and verification of current trials

Let Us Give You an Example:

A research team develops a promising active substance for lung cancer therapy. Together with the research team we will give a first evaluation.

In a second step we will run the active substance through our network. This network consists of hundreds of high-ranking key opinion leaders: clinical practitioners, scientific medical experts and pharmaceutical business insiders with long-time commercial expertise.

Our board of directors will assess and evaluate the network’s feedback. At an individually defined success forecast rate we approach pharma companies and offer them to further develop the active substance and bring it to the market.

Knowledge, expertise and timing are the keys to a successful product launch.

Prof Dr Christian Manegold – Senior Director Medical Affairs

Scientific Support

Our best experts for your project.

We offer advice in scientific monitoring, exchange and support.


We consult and accompany drug development over a desired period of time, at which the extent of consultation can be adjusted as necessary. Your benefit: our network of international key opinion leaders is independent and unbiased, so we are able to ensure fast and efficient consulting processes.



To give you the best scientific support for your development, we also offer:

We organize advisory boards with internationally renowned key opinion leaders for the pharma industry with topics ranging from evaluation of active substances to product marketing.

We offer advanced on-site trainings for academic and non-academic personnel by internationally renowned key opinion leaders.

We support you and your project in the field of funding and project management. We can also help you with fast recruiting for and managing of the clinical trial. We identify appropriate laboratories/research centers. Furthermore we build and lead research and medical affairs departments.

You can’t be an expert in every scientific sector – but you have to know who it is.

Dr Klaus Herdrich – Senior Associate Medical Affairs

Venture Capital

Tailormade financing for your needs.

We partner up with you to ensure your development won’t stagnate.


In addition to finding promising partners for drug development, we also consider becoming a partner ourselves. After a first evaluation we offer to invest venture capital and accompany the project with our scientific expertise.


Our aim: to push the clinical development at an early stage (Phase I/II) and to reach the next milestone. We are not interested in launching the product itself. In our understanding the potential of a promising active substance can only be fully tapped by a large international pharma company. Our aim is to outlicense the active substance at a later stage.



Our experts for your success.

Get to know our team.

Ahmet Sami Pekkip
Chief Executive Officer

Ahmet Pekkip began his versatile career in 1975 as construction superintendent for the US Army in Heidelberg, Germany. He finished university in 1981 with a graduate degree as industrial engineer in Philadelphia, USA. In 1985 he earned a lecturer degree for civil engineering seminars.


Since 2001 Ahmet Pekkip has been active in project development in the public health sector. In 2011 he took over the management and operation of hospitals, mainly the Rhein-Jura Klinik Bad Säckingen, Germany, a private psychiatric and psychosomatic clinic that he lead to unsuspected yet ongoing success.


In 2014 Ahmet Pekkip founded Xenios Oncology Advice AG, which was renamed into PEKKIP Oncology Alliance AG in 2016.

Prof Dr Christian Manegold
Senior Director Medical Affairs

Together with Prof Dr Manegold and the PEKKIP Congress GmbH we lead and organize the annual Chinese-German Lung Cancer Forum (CGLCF) and the International Thoracic Oncology Congress (ITOCD), which enhances and simplifies our interaction with international pharmaceutical companies.


Prof Dr Manegold is a former head of Thoracic Oncology at Interdisciplinary Tumor Center Mannheim, Germany, and a former chairman of EORTC-LCCG and IASLC board member. He has experience as a clinical investigator, national and international trial leader as well as a member or leader of independent data monitoring committees (IDMC) in numerous clinical trials in Oncology in thoracic cancer and other indications since 1989.


Since we founded Xenios in 2014, today known as PEKKIP Oncology Alliance, he leads our team as Senior Director Medical Affairs.

Dr Klaus Herdrich
Senior Associate Medical Affairs

Dr Klaus Herdrich studied Biology and Geography at Karlsruhe University, Germany, followed till 1981 by a Doctorate in Microbiology and an Assistant position at the Botanical Institute in Karlsruhe.


He then switched to the pharmaceutical industry (ASTA Medica, Baxter) holding various positions in Global Medical and Marketing Departments with a focus on Medical and Scientific Information Oncology. In the course of his working life he authored and co-authored more than 50 journal articles, brochures and book chapters.


Mid-2015 he retired, joined the Xenios team and now works for the PEKKIP Oncology Alliance.

Lale Jakob
Senior Associate Commercial Relations

Parallel to her studies at the Frankfurt Conservatory, Lale Jakob took over the position of General Managing Director of the International Katarzyna Mycka Marimba Academy in 2009.


She received her diploma and proceeded to study Controlling, Management and Information in Ludwigshafen/Rhine, Germany. While writing her bachelor thesis she was working in the marketing department at expopharm in Eschborn near Frankfurt, Germany.


Lale Jakob started her career in the marketing department of Xenios Oncology Advice AG. In 2015 she was appointed Senior Associate Commercial Relations for Xenios. Since 2016 she is the Senior Associate Commercial Relations at PEKKIP Oncology Alliance.

Jingrui Yang
Senior Representative for PEKKIP Oncology in China

Jingrui (Johannes) Yang obtained his bachelor degree in pharmacy from Fudan University in 2001 and an MBA degree from Cardiff University in 2003.


Yang used to work for AstraZeneca China as brand manager for IRESSA. He also worked in the marketing and sales departments of GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis.


He is also the founder and CEO of ProMedican, a leading professional medical consultant and service company in China. Since 2015 ProMedican is the exclusive co-operation partner of PEKKIP Oncology Alliance in Shanghai.

There lies huge responsibility in developing an active substance for cancer therapy – but also a great chance.

Lale Jakob – Senior Associate Commercial Relations


Always well informed.

With our news portal we keep you informed about upcoming events and recent news all around the PEKKIP Oncology Alliance.


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Your career at PEKKIP Oncology Alliance.

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We’ve one aim in mind: helping people by accelerating drug development.

Jingrui Yang – Senior Representative for PEKKIP Oncology Alliance in China

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